The Hunger Challenge: Day 1: Meal 1

Grace Community Church > The Hunger Challenge.

M-F this week rice and beans every day.  I am going to take this challenge, and blog about the experience as much as I can.

Day 1:  Meal 1

A long time friend who shares my sense of humor responded to my FB post about our family attempting the Hunger Challenge with the following post.  “Not sure what you are doing, but thinking of you as I eat a cinnamon roll as big as my head”.   I laughed and responded, …. In meal 1 of the 15 meal challenge, the point you make about the cinammon rolll is the first light bulb moment in the experience.  I suspect you were full after you ate the roll, as I was this morning after my bowl of rice and beans, but I stopped at about 2/3 of a bowl of rice and beans because I was full and it was bringing me no joy whatsoever.  I’m thinking if I had the roll you had, I’d have been full at 2/3, but plowed through the rest of it, and then peaked to see what else was available to make me happy.  While I’m sure I knew this intellectually to be true,  I didn’t realize how much extra I ate just because of the sheer joy I derive from it.   I’m sure I am actually full a lot sooner than I stop eating in most cases.

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